trotyl containing explosives in Ukraine are produced by RPE«ZARYA»Ltd.


of trotyl, produced in the world, are producedby RPE«ZARYA»Ltd.


Ukrainian producer of pesticides


is the only producer of 3,5-DNBA in Eastern Europe


- 100 years of successful work in chemical industry

Dear friends, I wish you and your relatives’ good luck in all your business and endeavors, inexhaustible energy, optimism and success in your work!
Accept our sincere congratulations on our common milestone holiday – the Birthday of “Zarya”!
Due to the growth in sales volumes, RPE “Zarya” Ltd. plans to increase the amount of purchase of raw materials for the production of special chemical products. The preliminary agreements on this issue have already been reached with the leading European chemical holding.
By the decree of the President Petro Poroshenko No. 168/2017, the medal "For Labour and Valour" was granted to Aleksandr Yatsenko, an electric and gas welder of the Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya".
Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd
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