trotyl containing explosives in Ukraine are produced by RPE«ZARYA»Ltd.


of trotyl, produced in the world, are producedby RPE«ZARYA»Ltd.


Ukrainian producer of pesticides


is the only producer of 3,5-DNBA in Eastern Europe


- 100 years of successful work in chemical industry

The Laboratory for Production Control (Environmental Protection and Control) of the RPE"ZARYA" performs analytical control of water and air quality and issues official conclusions based on the analyses results. The laboratory is equipped with certified modern machinery, and it has a certificate giving the right to conduct measurements according to the declared field of certification.
By the decree of President Petro Poroshenko No. 251/2017, the Second Class Order of Merit was awarded to the honoured worker, long-service employee of the Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya", Anatoliy Yerin.
The delegation of the Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" visited the XIV International Scientific and Technical Conference on the issues of modern drilling and blasting technologies and the safety of granulated and emulsion explosives. The event took place from 15 to 21 October in Svaliava, Zakarpattia Region.
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