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The experience transferred from generation to generation is the foundation of the current success of the company on high technology competitive markets. The whole dynasties of specialists, the pick of the Soviet times intellectuals worked to develop the production. The current generation of professionals, equipped with experience from the past, modern knowledge and technologies, is confident about the future.

Today the RPE “Zarya” Ltd. is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise. There is no other single enterprise in Ukraine with production facilities capable of producing such a range of products.

The RPE “Zarya” Ltd. is located in the southern part of Rubezhnoe town of Lugansk region.

The Zavodskaya street, where the plant is located since 1917, was named after the enterprise. From the beginning of its existence the plant rightfully has the status of the town forming enterprise. Today 2000 people are employed at the enterprise, and production facilities and auxiliary premises are located on the territory of 154,794 ha.

The production is the main component of the plant infrastructure. The enterprise includes:

  • a unit for raw benzene processing nitration facilities: for benzene to produce nitrobenzene, for benzoic acid to produce 3,5-DNBA
  • a unit for production of weak nitric acid
  • a unit for concentration of sulfuric acid
  • production of industrial explosives
  • production of chemical agents for plants protection
  • production of isomers DNT and MNT
  • production of carbamide formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde resins
  • production of polymer goods
  • a unit for production of fluoroplastic equipment
  • a unit for production of non-standard equipment
  • a foundry

Scientific and research, design works, the main purpose of which is to improve production processes and technologies, play the key role in the plant activity. To develop and realize leading engineering and design ideas the RPE “Zarya” Ltd. has a design manager unit, a central plant laboratory, a unit for production of non-standard equipment and a modern scientific and technical center, where 3 candidates of science and 14 high class specialists with relevant education can realize their rich potential. The power section, water supply unit and waste disposal communications, automobile roads and railroads play important role for ensuring the normal work of the enterprise.

The RPE “Zarya” Ltd. developed the long term development program, providing for realization of numerous projects for ensuring steady economic development and preservation of the leading positions on the domestic and international markets.

Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd
1G/36 Zavodskaya St., Rubezhnoe Lugansk region, Ukraine, 93001
Phone: +380 6453 95085
E-mail: info@zaryachem.com