Research and Production Enterprise “Zarya” Ltd is a labour collective with a century of history, in which representatives of several generations successfully interact, combining professionalism, experience, tradition, youth, labour enthusiasm and patriotism. Personnel are the basic resource of the enterprise and are viewed as a strategic asset, and personnel costs – as long-term investments in the enterprise development as a whole.

In the area of personnel management at our enterprise the modern approaches are used in combination with worked-out traditional methods. Today, we have established the conditions, under which any employee of the enterprise has the opportunity to fully realize its maximum potential, discover its abilities and built a successful career.

Compliance with labour safety and health standards, environmental safety, compliance with the labour legislation, transparent remuneration system, continuous training and education of the personnel are the factors ensuring security and confidence of our employees in the future. It stimulates both employees with years of experience and talented young people to adhere to the enterprise.

Our employees are ambitious, result-oriented professionals guided by the principles of solidarity, cooperation and mutual respect.

Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd
1G/36 Zavodskaya St., Rubezhnoe Lugansk region, Ukraine, 93001
Phone: +380 6453 95085