The first step on the way to the current stability and leading positions of the RPE “Zarya” Ltd. was made in the beginning of the last century. It is symbolical: the enterprise that had revolutionary level of technologies for those times was built in 1917. The construction of the explosives production plant near the fronts of the First World War had to facilitate the victory in the war. But the revolution erupts in the country, and new times demanded new targets. “Zarya” became one of the most important objects of industrialization, the corner stone in the foundation of the industrial power of the Soviet Union.

Starting from the middle of the last century the plant develops even more actively, improves production technologies, develops new kinds of products. Innovation and leadership along with unique experience and traditions enabled the enterprise to become one of the leaders of the chemical industry of the USSR, mighty enterprise, satisfying the needs of the great country.

Nowadays, the RPE “Zarya” Ltd. personnel firmly hold the banner of the industry leader, earned by the whole generations of fine workmen. From the very first batch of output until now the products of the enterprise was and still is permanently qualitative and demanded both in the country and in the world.

Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd
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