Shrovetide came - winter went away

New Year holidays have become a kaleidoscope of colourful events. Early candle-light and сhangeable weather pass by together with the last days of February. Traditional open-air celebration, farewell to winter called “Shrovetide” is logical ending of cold weather.

On February, 19, the Park of “Yuzhny” microdistrict was crowded. This holiday is one of the most favorite holidays of “Zarya” workers and microdistrict inhabitants. Fancy-dress parade has been prepared by the workers of Culture Palace and young artists, students of Rubezhnoye Polytechnic Chemical and Technological College, Olga Prokipchuk, Ivan Kolesnik, Aleksander Gnilitsky and Aleksander Baranovsky. The show has arouse much interest of guests, especially fidgety children. That day, they had a great opportunity to plunge into the fairy-tale atmosphere together with bogatyr Alyosha Popovich, Lyubava, Tugarin, speaking horse Yuliy and beautiful Spring. Festive commotion was whirling children from kinder-garden “Yablochko” in merry reel. Teams of Rubezhnoye Polytechnic Chemical and Technological College and military unit have “tried each other`s strength”. Burning of scarecrow has become culmination of the celebration. Shrovetide was burned at common glee and, as we want to believe, all the problems have been burned with it! Cheerful festival and sweet pancakes, the symbols of Shrovetide, were pleasuring the participants and spectators. Hot tea was animating people that frosty day.

The holiday has brought some optimism into our lives, and hinted sunrays have given hope that spring will come very soon.



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