In memory of Chernobyl catastrophe

On 24 April in the park of district Yuzhnyi, the concert in commemoration of liquidation of outcomes of the greatest technogenic  catastrophe at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, was conducted. The teams from the Palace of Culture Zarianochka and Traven as well as soloists: Oleg Svyloguzov, Tatiana Ivanova and Alexander Bondarchuk participated in the concert.

On this day we expressed again our gratitude to the heroes-liquidators that were first, who stepped in the fire that April night having realized that it would be their last battle. Far in the future Chernobyl outcomes will be liquidated and people will be able to return to beautiful places of Ukrainian Polesie region that today is considered prohibited area. We need to remember this accident and it will help us to prevent such tragedies.

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