Festivals of joy and hope

The oasis of nature – the park of Yuzhny District – was lively and crowded on the first days of May. The festive program prepared by the employees of the Cultural Centre was appreciated by the audience of the celebrations. So, on May 1, the reporting concert of the collectives of the Cultural Centre “Talents Country” was presented. In spite of the changeable weather, this day there were crowds of spectators wishing to hear their favourite songs and see new dance performances.

Next day, restless kids gladly participated in the gaming theatrical performance “Favourite Fairy Tales”.

The continuation of celebrations was the concert program dedicated to the Victory Day “Holy Voctiry” which was held at the stadium named after A.P. Vinogradov. The brass band and the creative teams of Rubezhnoye Professional Chemical and Technological Lyceum and the Cultiral Centre participated in it.

On May 9, in the park the festive programme started from the children’s drawing competition “We Draw the Peace”. Throughout the festive event the words of appreciation and gratitude to veterans were said. General Director of RPE Zarya Aleksandr Chernetsov and the Director of Rubezhnoye Polytechnic College Sergey Hortiv congratulated the veterans.

The atmosphere of the years of war was conveyed in the songs and concert performances of the ensembles “Zaryanochka”, “Traven”, dance collectives “Inspiration”, “Knopochki”, duet of Yu, Barabach and R, Bezsonny, and soloists of the Cultural Centre O. Vetrova, O. Sviloguzov, T. Ivanova, A, Bondarchuk, A. Lazarko, A. Babicheva.

Field porridge prepared by the staff of the Trade Centre of PRE Zarya was appreciated by the veterans, bouquets of fragrant lilac presented to them by children increased the feeling of joy, peace and hope in a bright future.

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