The Day of Chemist is our common holiday

On the last Sunday of May people in Ukraine annually celebrate the professional holiday of the workers employed in chemical industry. In Rubezhnoye, celebrations dedicated to the Day of Chemist started on May 29.

A modest celebration was like a family friendly holiday. Since friendly staff of chemical plants of Rubezhnoye: RPE Zarya LLC, RSOP Zarya, First Chemical Association LLC, Zarya-Service-Plus LLC – is one large family, and the Day of Chemist is our common holiday.

From the stage in the vacation park of Yuzhny District the employees of the Cultural Centre greeted the workers of chemical industry and guests of the festival. Creative groups and soloists of the Cultural Centre pleased the spectators with their performances. On the Day of Chemist, except for the familiar attractions beloved by children, a playground for table football was added.

General Director of the Research and Production Enterprise Zarya Aleksandr Ivanovich Chernetsov, Director of the First Chemical Association Vladimir Vladimirovich Barabash, Director of RSOP Zarya Andrey Vladimirovich Zharkov, Director of Zarya-Service-Plus Aleksandr Georgievich Mamayev congratulated with the Day of Chemist.

For dedicated work, high professionalism, devotion to the interests of the enterprise, significant personal contribution to the development of the enterprise and to commemorate the Day of Chemist, the employees of the plant were awarded with certificates and valuable gifts. The friendly staffs of chemical plants of Rubezhnoye were congratulated this evening by the representative of Lugansk Regional Military and Civil Administration. On behalf of the Head of Lugansk Regional Military and Civil Administration G.G. Moskal, for significant personal contribution to the development of Lugansk Region, General Director of RPE Zarya A.I. Chernetsov was awarded with the Honour Badge “For Development of Region”.

This day a lot of awards and gifts were presented, and congratulations were interspersed with talented, bright abd interesting vocal and dancing performances which pleased all spectators.

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