Opening of CSRRI Zarya

Children are our future. This truth is known to everyone, but the future depends on us. Everyday care, psychological support, and parental love – these are, of course, the priorities of our care of beloved children. But fresh air, bright sun, songs around the campfire, communication with peers is also needed for pupils on vacation. For many parents it is a challenge to provide a good recreation for kids. To overcome obstacles and successfully complete the tasks, realize the conceived projects and boldly look forward to the future – this is the way of thinking and the life principles of the workers of Zarya. Decision on the opening of recreation season in the campZarya was deliberate and thoughtful step. The project once again became reality. Occupancy of the camp exceeded all expectations: for the first shift 400 applications were submitted instead of planned 320 persons.

On June 20, CSRRI Zarya will meet kids, we wish them a good rest and lots of unforgettable impressions. 



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