“Zarya” Tourist Center has everything for excellent recreation

“Zarya” Tourist Center is situated at a beauty spot, a recreation zone. Camp site is surrounded by forest, mostly pine, with dry salutary air saturated with needle odor. It seems that time stops here.

Small cozy houses are equipped with habitual furniture and kitchen utensils. Campers can use spacious separated kitchen-diner, to make food by themselves or to drink a cup of coffee admiring the beauty of nature.

At hot weather, campers can swim in the pool situated at a central lawn. There are deck chairs and tables near pool for comfort time-spending.

It must be noted that the Tourist Center has all conditions for active recreation! Leisure-time here is not only barbecue. Guests can play volleyball and football at equipped sites, there are chute, carousel and swings for children`s leisure-time. Tennis table is installed at the diner building.

 In short, the most beautiful places of our native region have everything for wonderful recreation. You can live here even the whole summer or you can come here for a weekend. So, take your family and invite your friends. Visit “Zarya” Tourist Center! You won`t regret!

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