Family Day at Yuzhny District

The 35th town celebration “Family Day” was held. September 18, traditional celebration in honour of distinguished labor people has taken place at the Park of Yuzhny District.

Festive mood that evening was skillfully maintained by Culture Palace performers. Honouring of working people famous with their labor achievements were alternated by musical congratulations. Alexander Yakunin, Acting General Director of RPE “Zarya” Ltd., Alexander Mamayev, Director of “Zarya-Service-Plus” Ltd., Igor Gavrilyuk, Director of Rubezhnoye Polytechnic Chemical and Technological College, and Sergey Khortiv, Deputy of Region Council, were speaking to the enterprise toilers and their families with gratitude, wishing them peace and kindness. Traditionally, a contest of the best house surrounding grounds was carried out at Yuzhny District. The winners have got costly presents from Alexander Mamayev, Director of “Zarya-Service-Plus” Ltd., and Olga Trofimenko, Deputy Director of Personnel Management. Holiday concert and folk festival lasted at the Park until late night.

Spectacular folkly concert program “Family amulets” has become a continuation of celebration next day. The performers of “Zarya-Service-Plus” Culture Palace have created warm atmosphere and kept it during the whole event. Long-expected program “Whiskers, paws, tail” casted by four-legged friends has ended the event. There were no bounds to children`s happiness and fun. It was a splendid warm-hearted holiday.

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