Wonderful week –Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa - the last week before the Lent is called so. It is one of the most popular holidays for Slavic people. The first days of Maslenitsa usually called as narrow Maslenitsa and the last four – wide Maslenitsa. Starting from Thursday all fatigue duties are stopped and joyful celebrating begins. Besides usual festivities, on these days it is assumed to invite relatives for pancakes – the main dish of this week.

According to old custom, the last day of Maslenitsa week, comes Maslenitsa’s farewell. Traditional celebrating of this day took place on 11th of March in the park of South micro district. Fabulous performance, prepared by workers of Palace of Culture, fascinated not only children but also adults, because we always want to believe in magic and miracles, despite the age. Varied program did not let anyone to get bored. Songs, dances, fun contests for which participants and winners received various presents and prizes - it made guests of the holiday enjoy and smile in this warm March day. Like in ancient times, the main event and culmination of all holiday was burning jack-straw of Maslenitsa, which personalizes something similar with mythical bird Phoenix: cyclical revival through death. We all believe that with burned jack-straw all miseries and hardships of the past go away. For feeling completeness of holiday, everyone could be treated with the main delicacy of Maslenitsa week- pancakes with hot tea.

Except pagan traditions, Christians have custom to ask each other about forgiveness at the last day of Maslenitsa Sunday. When we let all, offences go away, we renovate and get the peace in ourselves and the peace with those who surrounds us.

Indeed, wonderful Maslenitsa week, where there is a place for fun, pleasure and important changes.

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