Chernobyl: remember and never forget

Chernobyl NPP accident became the grief of enormous number of families, whose husbands, sons and brothers went to fight the consequences of the explosion at the nuclear power plant with the following radioactive contamination. Since then, such terms as: radiation, radiation warning device (dosimeter), 30-km zone and similar, became familiar almost to everyone. There is no such place on the Earth, which would be effected by a radioactive cloud.

On these days in Ukraine traditional events in memory of those bleak events and honoring liquidators of Chernobyl NPP accident are held. In the park of South district, creative team of Cultural Palace organized and held its performance.

A lot of cordial words were said in the address of Chernobyl victims. Memory of Chernobyl victims were honored with silence minute at the end of event.

Nevertheless, life goes on – in many instances it is merit of those, who did not spare his health, at all hazards, eliminated the consequences of Chernobyl NPP accident. Honor and glory to the heroes of Chernobyl!

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