Memory of the Heart

The Great Victory Day went down in history as a symbol of peace. This word has a deep sense for us, and it was renewed and received the new meaning over the last years. Memory of those who gained victory over fascism, people who died and people who survived in the name of life and creative labor strengthens our will and faith in the peace6ful present and future.

A concert prepared by the employees of the Palace of Culture was patriotic and cordial at the same time. The favorite ‘wartime’ songs were presented together with the dancing performances. Of course, there was the traditional field porridge that was offered by the enterprise cafeteria to the heroes of the celebration. Flowers from the youngest actors of this "holiday mixed with tears" were accepted by the main participants who were touched by the performance. Popular military music performed by the wind band of Rubezhnoye Professional Chemical and Engineering Lyceum filled all the guests’ hearts with its unique style .

This meeting of generations confirmed once again that our souls have not hardened, but they are still open to love, peace and creativity.

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