"Zarya" Recreation Camp is waiting for guests

The business that meets the international standards should be socially responsible. We are proud to state that in this regard, our Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" provides more benefits compared even with the larger companies. The enterprise priority is to take care about the employees’ healthy recreation. Over the years, we practice a tradition of spending weekend, vacations or informal staff meetings in the atmosphere of "Zarya" Recreation Camp.

Wooden two- and three-storied houses became a comfortable home for weekends, holidays or vacations. Kids may play in the playground equipped with a slide, swings and a merry-go-round. On hot summer day, for the guests’ convenience, a pool, located in the center of "Zarya" Recreation Camp, is open.

If you are tired of urban noise, the smell of asphalt and never-ending rush – here’s the place where you can enjoy solitude, and breathe the air of the unique nature.

"Zarya" Recreation Camp invites guests to plunge into the atmosphere of forest air from May, 1 to October, 1. Wishing nice rest to everyone!

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