Feast on the threshold of summer

May 27, on the summer eve, by the enterprise entrance, the wind band of Rubezhnoye Professional Chemical and Engineering Lyceum opened the holiday program with popular music compositions. The holiday continued in Iuzhnyi district park. Children's program "City of Masters" prepared by the Palace of Culture employees, was the beginning of a spectacular event, thus making children cheerful.

Gennadiy Beseda, with reverberating sounds of his electric guitar, made the audience feel the atmosphere of jazz and rock compositions. Among watercolor green spots, the performance of young talents, students of the "Zarya Donbassa" studio, looked especially harmonious. The "Zaryanochka" and "Traven" ensembles, as usual, pleased their fans with the new songs. The guests greeted the youngest dancers from the "Knopochky" ensemble with applause and smiles.

Honoring the best enterprise employees took place in the Palace of Culture. Documentary newsreel episodes and a slide show prepared by the press-center together with the PoC employees, caused enthusiasm, and filled the employees with the pride for their enterprise industrial achievements at different stages of its development.

A tandem in the performances of the PoC employees and the enterprise employees was the final chord of the celebration.

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