Hello Summer 2016!

Children, accompanied by their caring parents, were standing near their leaders and mentors. 350 boys and girls from the Rubezhnoye, Severodonetsk, Kremennoy, Starobelsk, Svatovo and other neighboring cities in the Region went for vacations to "Zarya" summer camp. For many children, the trip was an expected event, for, having visited this place for one time, they felt a wish to come back again. A rich game program, an opportunity to show their talents in daily live performances, new friends and acquaintances – all this attracts kids, who become the residents of ‘The Best’ country for the period of this session.

On June 19, the day of the solemn opening ceremony, according to the tradition, the Ukrainian flag and the flag of ‘The Best’ country were raised on the flagstaff.

Charitable Foundation "Krishtaleve Dzherelo", "Zarya" Research and Production Enterprise and Rubezhnoye City Hall presented balls, modern board games, and a tennis table to the children before the start of the season. An improvised concert on the summer scene demonstrated hospitality and warm feelings of the children from "Zarya" camp.

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