In memory of Chernobyl catastrophe

On 24 April in the park of district Yuzhnyi, the concert in commemoration of liquidation of outcomes of the greatest technogenic catastrophe at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, was conducted. detail



“Easter chimes”

On April 10 in the park of Yuzhny District the employees of the Cultural Centre Zarya-Service-Plus conducted the program devoted to the Easter holidays “Easter Chimes”.
The guests came to the children from the nursery school: the mistress of all spring holidays – the Beautiful Spring, Nastenka and her friend – the Smart Cat. The children learned Easter traditions, played with pleasure and of course received sweet gifts from the Trade Union Committee.




Festive concert in the military unit

On March 26, the creative team of the Cultural Centre gave a concert in the military unit No. 3023, devoted to the 1st anniversary of the National Guard of Ukraine. Dance performances interchanged with song congratulations. Melodious songs performed by Olga Vetrova, Oleg Sviloguzov, Anna Kapliy, and memorable guitar performances by Pavel Sasov set up a lyrical mood of the holiday guests. detail



“Zarya” congratulates labor veteran women with international Women’s Day

On March, 6, a big concert for labor veterans and “Yuzhny” microdistrict inhabitants took place in the Culture Palace according to initiative of Veterans Council. The festive concert “A souvenir for Granny” was represented for guests of the event. detail



Shrovetide came - winter went away

New Year holidays have become a kaleidoscope of colourful events. Early candle-light and сhangeable weather pass by together with the last days of February. Traditional open-air celebration, farewell to winter called “Shrovetide” is logical ending of cold weather. detail



New Year open-air celebrations at “Yuzhny” microdistrict

A series of New Year events was carried out by the workers of “Yuzhny” microdistrict Culture Palace for its inhabitants and guests. The events took place in the microdistrict park and Culture Palace. detail

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