Keys to summer

On weekends, the Iuzhnyi district park was especially crowded. The concert program of the PoC soloists "Keys to summer", despite the sultry June day, gathered plenty of grateful listeners. detail



Feast on the threshold of summer

Every year, on the last Sunday of May, chemical industry workers celebrate their professional holiday. detail



"Zarya" Recreation Camp is waiting for guests

On May 1, "Zarya" Recreation Camp opened its door to welcome guests and to invite them to sanctuary Kremenskyi Forests. A wonderful combination of coniferous trees and larch creates the unique microclimate so healing for the travelers’ health. detail



Memory of the Heart

On May 9, according to the tradition, the employees of the enterprise and Iuzhnyi district residents honor veterans, paying tribute of deep respect to all those who defended our state and restored it from ruins. detail



Chernobyl: remember and never forget

On 26th of April it is 30 years from the day of Chernobyl tragedy. In this period the largest technological disaster in the world took a huge number of lives and still fills the hearts of people with the pain. That’s why our aim and aim of our future generation- to hold onto the past those terrible events and their heroes liquidators, to prevent such disaster in future. detail



Opening of the park after winter period

On 15th of April the opening of the park after winter period have taken place. detail

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