The Day of Healthcare Professional

This year we celebrate the Day of Healthcare Professional on June, 21. At our enterprise the healthcare post operates which employs professionals that deserve respect and high-sounding words. detail



Hail to the Sun, hail to the forest, Zarya will give us a lot of miracles!

Thousands of boys and girls have visited the camp Zarya, any of them have vacationed there many times. So much bright memories and emotions are related to this favourite vacation place in the scenic forests of Kremennaya. detail



The Day of Chemist is our common holiday

On the last Sunday of May people in Ukraine annually celebrate the professional holiday of the workers employed in chemical industry. In Rubezhnoye, celebrations dedicated to the Day of Chemist started on May 29. detail



Entertainment for kids

In the favourite vacation place for people of Rubezhnoye and guests, in the park of the South area of the town, one can hear ringing children’s voices and sincere laughter every day. And on weekend, the usual attractions are accompanied by cheerful dances, competitions and songs. There are the employees of the Cultural Centre entertaining kids. Boys and girls already know well Yuliya Barabash, Elena Kovalenko, Oleg Sviloguzov and their original quests, favourite kind children’s songs, energetic dance moves. detail



Festivals of joy and hope

The oasis of nature – the park of Yuzhny District – was lively and crowded on the first days of May. The festive program prepared by the employees of the Cultural Centre was appreciated by the audience of the celebrations. So, on May 1, the reporting concert of the collectives of the Cultural Centre “Talents Country” was presented. In spite of the changeable weather, this day there were crowds of spectators wishing to hear their favourite songs and see new dance performances. detail



A festival for veterans

On May 6, on the eve of the Victory Day, in the Cultural Centre Zarya-Service-Plus the meeting was held with the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, which honoured people who have became living history, the departed were sadly remembered. detail

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