In April of this year, representatives of the notified body for product certification "MINPROEKT" EAD (Sofia, Bulgaria) have visited RPE “Zarya” Ltd. The purpose of the visit was conformity assessment of the “ZaryaD” with the requirements of Directive 2014/28 / EU described in “Module B: EU- type examination”. The quality management system of the enterprise was checked to expand the field of activity over "Module D: Compliance with type based on quality assurance for production"

International auditors highly praised the level of quality control systems in the enterprise. “It is very pleasant, easy and effectively to work with your company. Year after year, you have shown high professionalism, excellent knowledge and application of the requirements of the Quality Management System in the manufacture of products”, - says the representative of the Bulgarian delegation Ivanka Peneva and Nelli Mavrudieva.

Note that our company pays special attention to the strict compliance of all necessary quality standards, which is confirmed by Ukrainian and International Certificates and Permits, as well as the successful results of annual audits. In addition, a group of internal auditors works at RPE “Zarya” Ltd., it allows to maintain quality management control at a high level.

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