Analysis of Integrated System of Management functioning

 A meeting of the Coordinating Council took place at RPE «Zarya» chaired by the General Director. An analysis of the Integrated System of Management functioning at our enterprise in the first half of the year 2014 was carried out at this meeting. The chief specialists involved into the structure of ISM were taking part in the Council work. The preventive actions have been designed and taken to desicion.

Analysis of the Policy and Objectives of quality, ecology, operational health and safety shows that they are exercised according to the planned terms. Monthly evaluation of work of each enterprise unit in terms of “Quality coefficient” has been introduced into practice. In the first half of the year, the average quality coefficient at RPE “Zarya” has totalled 0,984 at max coefficient value 1.

There were no complaints about quality of the released products from consumers for the reporting period. Commercial and technical departments negotiate actively with existing and potential consumers of RPE “Zarya” products, including by providing the potential consumers with product samples for tests.

Members of Coordinating Council have admitted that the functioning quality management system, environmental management system, operational health and safety management system are effective and kept in working order.

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