RPE «Zarya» is selling the equipment non-demanded in production

Any enterprise operating actively carries out heavy repairs, unscheduled repairs, reconstructions, upgradings, being guided by its increase in capacity to expand volume of the released products. This requires constant purchase of materials and equipment which are not always comprehensively used. Therefore, an increase of excess inventory in storehouses happens. Sale of these is rather beneficial way allowing not only to get rid of excess inventory, but also to get profit.

For the purpose of additional money attraction, RPE «Zarya» is selling actively its excess inventory: machine-tools, equipment, railway vehicles.

You can find more detailed information on the terms of selling the excess inventory and full list of the excess inventory of RPE “Zarya” on our site http://www.zaryachem.com/ru section Products http://www.zaryachem.com/ru/products.

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