On 5 of August 2021, in Severodonetsk, was held a meeting on increasing the level of vaccination coverage of employees of regional enterprises, regardless of form of ownership, chaired by the head of the Luhansk regional state administration the head of the regional military-civil administration Sergey Gaidai.

The General Director of PRE “ZARYA” Ltd. Alexander Chernetsov and Director for labor protection and special treatment Alexander Yakunin took part in the meeting according to the telephone message.

It was said about the inclusion of the Rubezhskaya city hospital in the list of those that are able to receive patients, because it is rightfully worthy to do this at the meeting. Information was also provided on the growth of detected cases of COVID-19 infection. If in recent weeks they have kept at the level of 400-450 cases per day, then over the last day the figure has reached 1000 people. Doctors predict a surge in the incidence within the next 2 weeks.

Based on this, the head of the region considers vaccination against COVID-19 at least 70% of the population as one of the priority tasks, and thus the creation of herd immunity.

Information was also announced about the danger of the new strain of COVID-19 “Delta”, and that adolescents and children are also exposed to infection.

LODA, together with the heads of the enterprises, is currently taking all the necessary measures. There are mass vaccination points in the region. Vaccines used are Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the region wished everyone health and urged them to take part in such programs, because taking care of your own health is always extremely important, and especially during the fight against coronavirus.

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