This year, on October 8, the country celebrates the Day of the Lawyer of Ukraine for the 25th time. Its date was not chosen by chance: it is believed that it was on this day in 1016 that the Kiev prince Yaroslav the Wise issued the first set of laws "Russian Truth". Congratulations on your professional holiday are accepted by everyone who is engaged in various legal activities - judges, prosecutors, investigators, lawyers, lawyers, notaries and, of course, lawyers of industrial enterprises, including ours. On this pleasant occasion, the editors talked with the head of the department of the legal Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd. A.S. Makarenko.

- Anna Sergeevna, how many years have you been working in jurisprudence?

- The general experience of my work in jurisprudence is approaching a quarter of a century. An interesting coincidence: I took my first steps in this area in 1997. And it was in that year, on September 16, that the professional holiday of Ukrainian lawyers was established by presidential decree No. 1022/97.

I have a lawyer's certificate, this year marks the 10th anniversary of my practice as an independent lawyer. And I have been heading the legal department of our company since March this year.

- How did you come to this profession?

- As far back as I can remember, I have always been distinguished by a heightened sense of justice, strived to ensure that people were guided by it when making certain decisions. My constant companion was the desire, the inner need to stand up for the protection of human and civil rights. Over the centuries, mankind has learned to respect the rights of the individual, to consolidate this as an obligation and to clothe it in specific legal norms and rules. But, unfortunately, the law is not always fair, and justice is not always legal. To resist this, we, lawyers, are needed.

- How many employees work in your department?

- Currently there are 6 people with me. The team is small, but close-knit and experienced. The high qualifications of our specialists allow us to timely and efficiently solve all the tasks we face.

- What are the specifics of your work?

- Generally speaking, the main goal of lawyers in various fields of activity is to protect the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens. Our professional community has high hopes and important tasks in serving the Law. The assertion of the principle of the rule of law, the implementation of legal guarantees for the protection of all segments of the population, the enhancement of legal awareness and legal culture of people - these are the postulates of the diverse forms of work of lawyers and its specificity.

As for the Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd. specifically, our service ensures the legality in the field of economic activities of the enterprise. Both external relations - agreements, contracts, agreements with suppliers and consumers, and the internal regulations for the work of shops and departments must meet the requirements of laws, by-laws and other regulations of Ukraine. This is the main part of our daily activities. In addition, we participate in legal proceedings related to the protection of the business and financial interests of the company.

- A lawyer is a serious profession. But maybe there have been funny, funny cases in your practice?

- I probably don’t remember funny ones during my career. In our profession, we have to deal with problems, worries, complaints and the like. This is not fun by definition. My work is connected with the fate of people who have faced injustice. In my law practice, I have 4 acquittals in cases that have passed all judicial instances. Without false modesty, I will say that not every lawyer can boast of such a thing.

- What would you wish to everyone who celebrates Lawyer's Day and their employees?

- The profession of a lawyer for me is an image, a lifestyle. Way of thinking. This is a 24/7 mode of operation, when you are ready to come to the aid of a person who at the moment needs legal support at any moment. I wish, first of all, creative inspiration to everyone who devoted their lives to this profession, and first of all to the team of their management.

I am not saying this by chance, because I am convinced that our work is creative. In writing, drafting, examination of various documents, one cannot do without literary, journalistic and editorial skills and abilities.

And also in our work there are no templates, once and for all established samples. There is no situation that is similar to another one-to-one, like two drops of water. Maybe there is something in common, but in the details, each case, each case is unique. And you deal with them carefully, as for the first time, making sure that you are reaching a new milestone in knowledge and experience. Our job is constant learning and improvement.

I wish my colleagues health, strength and patience on this path. And their families - well-being and all the best.

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