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Every year on the first Monday in October, doctors are honored all over the world. The holiday was established at the initiative of the UN WHO to honor doctors of all categories and pay tribute to their work. People in white coats perform a feat at work every day. And it doesn't matter whether surgeons or orthopedists, dentists or therapists, ambulances, blood transfusion stations, polyclinics or city polyclinics - they all heal bodily and mental wounds, restore vision, movement, health and life to people! We talked about the intricacies of the Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd. sanatorium with the head of the unit, a medical assistant-obstetrician by education Natalya Artemyeva.

Natalya Anatolyevna, does the activity of the health center of Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd. (which is part of a division of the enterprise) correspond to the definition of "Medical practice"?

- The medical assistant's health center of Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd. is licensed in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 765 dated 07.15.1997, has a perpetual license to carry out medical practice. First of all, the health center is intended to provide first-aid medical assistance to the employees of the enterprise, including the organization and implementation of a set of treatment and prophylactic measures to preserve and strengthen their health. The health center works around the clock, so the staff work schedule is daily. Our health center is a full-fledged medical unit that meets all applicable standards and rules.

- Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you study, how long have you worked in the company, who has influenced you most as a mentor?

- In 1988, I graduated from the medical assistant faculty of the Lisichansk medical school, specializing as a medical assistant-obstetrician. She worked in the antenatal clinic. She came to Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd. on March 1, 1992, and in 2002 she was appointed head of the enterprise's health center. I was always surrounded by kind people and good mentors, I was not ashamed to ask, learn, something new from them. I would like to say a few words of gratitude to the ex-head physician of the Zarya medical unit, Sergei Aleksandrovich Melnikov, who tried to pass on his experience and knowledge to me. Thank him for that. I am still surrounded by wonderful colleagues. These are Anna Ivanovna Arkhipova, Svetlana Evgenievna Zhitlova, Inna Pavlovna Karmazin, Victoria Sergeevna Solodovnichenko. All nurses of the health center have the highest category, they are literate, knowledgeable and loving people.

- What functions does the health center perform or, in other words, what services does the health center provide at the enterprise?

- If we speak, relying on regulatory documents, then the current health center at the enterprise performs the following functions:

- provision of first pre-medical / medical medical and emergency aid in case of accidents, injuries, acute conditions and diseases in accordance with the procedures for the provision of medical care;

- pre-medical / medical reception in case of complaints about the deterioration of the well-being of workers in acute diseases and with exacerbation of chronic diseases;

- examination of employees for the presence of alcoholic, drug or drug intoxication;

- pre-trip and post-trip inspections of vehicle drivers;

- control over the passage of the employees of the periodic medical examination.

During the day, we conduct outpatient appointments, carry out pre-shift release of drivers of the ATC and the locomotive brigade of the railway center. There are manipulation and physiotherapy rooms. On average, about 60 people turn to us with various complaints per day. In order to create a unified collective immunity for the employees of the enterprise, starting from last year, a vaccination mechanism is being introduced.

- I would like to dwell on this topic in more detail.

“Taking into account the harmful and dangerous working conditions at Zarya, the employees must have good health. This year, employees of the enterprise, as part of the state program for vaccinating industrial workers from COVID-19, were vaccinated with Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna. The goal of vaccination is to keep you healthy and save lives. That is why the management of the enterprise is interested in vaccinating employees. The total number of those vaccinated in 2021 is 1787 people, of which 1177 are employees and 610 are members of their families and veterans of the enterprise. This is half of the total number of people vaccinated in Rubizhne.

- Every year, with the onset of cold weather, another outbreak of influenza and SARS awaits us, and one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves from diseases is timely vaccination against influenza. What can you do to protect yourself from the flu?

- As I said, taking care of the health of employees, the management of the enterprise is interested in vaccination and does everything to ensure that employees have the opportunity to be vaccinated at Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd. Flu vaccination is a powerful preventive measure against epidemics. Last year, at the initiative of General Director Alexander Chernetsov, the company purchased the Vaxigrip Tetra influenza vaccine at the expense of the company and vaccinated 600 employees of the company.

Vaccinations will continue this year. From late October to early November, it is planned to vaccinate against influenza with the same vaccine. Experience has shown that due to vaccination, the incidence of influenza among employees of the enterprise during the epidemic in 2020 has significantly decreased. And this is against the background of the number of cases of COVID-19. I would also like to note that over the past two years, people have become more responsible for their health and pay attention to the prevention of viral diseases. Immunity resulting from vaccination is an effective protection for you, your family and the team of the enterprise during the period of the epidemic. Therefore, I highly recommend getting vaccinated.

- Physicians sometimes admit that they do not know how to rest. And you? What are your hobbies?

- I agree with my colleagues in part. Relaxation seems to be easy and you don't need to learn. I think it’s necessary. I love to walk in nature, in our park, I love the forest, our lake, but in general I love everything in nature, so I literally force myself to do it. And, of course, family is the most important thing in my life, my children and grandchildren. The only thing I worry about is my family, and let the rest worry itself!

- What would you like to wish your colleagues on International Doctor's Day?

- I wish my colleagues to love their profession, to be healthy and, most importantly, to engage in health prevention.

* * *

We cordially congratulate the excellent specialists, irreplaceable professionals, invaluable workers of the Zarya health center. Thank you for your work! We wish the doctors patience, peace of mind, kindness and peace in families, stable prosperity and grateful patients! Be healthy and happy!

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