Multiplying what has been already achieved

The beginning of new year is quite often associated with a new vital stage beginning. This is a time of summarizing, the period of preparation of the plans which are aimed at multiplying what has been achieved previously.

Here is the interview with the chief of the workshop n 4 Mr. Kovalev O.I. on the results of 2011.

- Oleg Igorevich, the start of the nitrobenzene production is the implementation of one of the first business projects at your enterprise. Let's talk about it.

- During the start-up we had some difficulties, but within 2011 we achieved the design parameters as of quantity and quality of the production. In 2010 our production was mainly classified as "B", and now our production is of the better quality, and, correspondingly classified as « A ». For eleven months of 2011 our output in the comparable prices has grown by 50 per cent, compared to the same period of the last year. Use of production capacities has increased by 18 per cent. Labor productivity has increased by 2,3 times. The market share of our workshop production exceeds 50 %.

- Undoubtedly, it is a significant parameter. A successful work of collective also depends on the balanced relationship with partners, in this case, with divisions of the enterprise.

- Yes, certainly. For the production the raw material is needed, and we take it from the adjacent shops. First of all, it is a sulfuric acid from FCA, and the crude benzene used for synthesis which produced in Polystyrene Foam Blocs Division. The acid we work off is processed in the shop n 9, and alkali liquor is destroyed in the shop n 10. Therefore, we are in a close partnership with all divisions of the enterprise.

- During starting-up and adjustment works of the cock oven the first gigacalories of vapor had been obtained which have been distributed for technological needs to shop n 4.

- Yes, really. Now the technological process on a cock oven is in adjustment process. The fourth shop is completely supplied by the vapor from the cock oven. Certainly, for the time being the energy supplies are irregular, but in the future we hope that the cock oven should work properly.

- In the past year the 4-th shop has brought the powerful contribution to the progress of the enterprise. In the coming 2012 where the accents are to be done?

We have the serious tasks: it is necessary to double output. The department of the product manager prepares the project of the second technological line. The investment program is discussed, and after its approval we shall start reconstruction of the circuit analysis program.

- For a long time there was no break in the activity of workshop. Is it scheduled now?

- Yes, it is so. The increase of labor productivity has demanded limited time in term of the raw material discharge, in particular, benzene. During the winter the heating up and the faster decanting from tanks are needed for the synthesis. Therefore in building n 310 the planned reconstruction takes place: the pipelines re-dressing, some devices repair. The bearing units and valves will be replaced. It is necessary to do it now in order not to stop the activities afterwards, and continue to accumulate regularly the production.

- Only solid team is capable to perform successfully plans, to reach high scores. Do you share this opinion?

- Our team is very good, people can work. Initially, when we began to work with benzene, we had some difficulties. Now the situation is stable. Many administrative managers have been qualified as specialists. I consider that for the tasks we have now, our personnel is well trained and highly qualified.

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