Experts of RPE Zarya visited the exhibition “Agro-2015”

Experts of RPE Zarya visited the XXVII International Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition “Аgro-2015” that was held on June 3-6 at the exhibition centre “Expo-Center of Ukraine” (Kyiv). The aim of this event was to obtain the relevant information on the Ukrainian market of crop protection chemicals (CPC) and the discussion of possibilities for cooperation with the companies engaged in realization of CPC manufactured by RPE Zarya. The negotiations were held with profile companies, the required information on the product range of RPE Zarya was passed to the interested organizations.

About 600 Ukrainian and foreign companies took part in the exhibition. The exhibition stands presented: crop protection chemicals, agricultural chemicals, agricultural machines, seeds, bioenergetics, informational technologies and agricultural services, equipment, agricultural technologies, animal breeding etc.        

Survey of the profile exponents allowed forming an opinion about the state of Ukrainian market of CPC and making the prognosis for 2015-2016. Form the middle 2014 the lowering of demand for original products is observed. End customers prefer cheaper Chinese generic products. Increased demand remains for conventional and well-known herbicides based on glyphosate and acetochlorine. For the products of RPE Zarya it can be both a "springboard" to expand its market niche, and a "trap" in the price range (in case of significant underreporting price level for Chinese products). The Ukrainian market is actively captured by biological CPC which are gaining more and more popularity every year.

According to the representative of RPE Zarya delegation, the Deputy Head of Marketing, Yu. Shkurko, visiting such exhibitions contributes to the image of RPE Zarya as a producer of plant protection chemicals, expanding the market for our products, and forming the further development strategy of CPC area of our enterprise.

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