Studyng of requirements of integrated system of management (ISM)

According to the decision of Coordination Council, test of knowledge of departments chiefs is carried out at RPE “Zarya”. The aim of this is ISM performance evaluation, detection of inaccuracies in statement of processes described in enterprise standards.

The test was passed by all departments chiefs. They have shown sufficient level of knowledge, openness and interest in objective evaluation. During the past period, specialists of Department of quality control and standardization have carried out internal audits in all departments of the enterprise and evaluated efficiency of “Quality Days” and “Safety Days”. Basing on conducted monitoring of processes and internal audits of enterprise departments, it was concluded that the chiefs of enterprise departments must study ISM documents package in detail to organize efficient management of processes and departments.

According to Tatiana Khlyakina, Director of Quality, future development of our enterprise must be carried out along with development of ISM and introduction of world experience in efficient production management. For this, we must exclude formalistic approach to system functioning and have better understanding of the issue by all participants of processes at all levels: from chiefs to employees. To follow the established rules, they must be known and understood, that is why studying of the enterprise ISM requirements by personnel is of fundamental importance. 

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