Summary of the year

General Director has summarized the last year 2015. Alexander Ivanovich  has thanked all employees for fruitful work during the last year, collective contribution into the achieved positive development trend. During 2015, RPE “Zarya” has sold 56% more products, goods and services compared to 2014, and gross sales effectiveness amounts 22%. The Director has underlined that we need to walk forward and to built our enterprise`s future despite all difficulties.

Increasing of sales volume and expanding of products range are our main tasks. An important subject was touched upon at the event: production and selling of resins.

General Director has made clear that because of signing of Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU, our enterprise will have to face serious business competition at the market. Our future development and success of every employee depends on how much interested and task-oriented we will be solving further problems.

At the end of the meeting, General Director wished work restrain and professionalism to the whole personnel.


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