Ammonites 6GV’s experimental batches were successfully tested by consumer

The ammonites 6GV’ experimental batches produced by “Zarya” were tested by a potential customer in June 2013.  “Zarya” was given the conclusion of the match the characteristics  and product quality to the  requirements  and  standards established for ammonites.

Makeevka reseach institute (leading institution in the explosives industry) has previously confirmed  explosive characteristics  of the product. As the ammonite 6GV is a waterproof explosive material,   experimental design concerning ammonite 6GV’s blasting characteristics in a watered ground  took place.

 Good results achieved in the process of testing ammonite  6GV produced by "Zarya" have proved the efficiency of a technological scheme and this fact was the reason for the starting  series manufacture of this product.

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