The representatives of the chinese company have visited RPE «Zarya»

In the beginning of July, 2013 representatives of the Chinese company, manufacturer of the chemical methods of plants protection have visited RPE «Zarya». This company delivers us the active ingredient we use now at the shop №10 producing «Diquat the Zarya».

During their visit the representatives of the Chinese enterprise have made acquaintance with capacities of the Ukrainian manufacturer of chemical methods of plants protection (CMPP). The Chinese visitors have visited the installation in the shop №10 where they saw the final stage of the CMPP production, especially the manufacture of the commercial herbicide that produced dissecation.

The representatives of the Company, the CMPP manufacturer from China, have appreciated a high technological level of manufacture and ample opportunities of the enterprise in full-scale production of various chemical methods of plants protection which is competitive with the European production quality. We have exchanged experience on a mutual basis during the meeting. The technical specialists of RPE «Zarya» have received some precious recommendations and advices on the industrial management and on the raw materials, including end products tests.

The both Parties have drawn the plans for the future cooperation.

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