Сamp "Zarya" will recreate kids from the whole Region

Hundreds of children from the whole Region went to "The Best" country to have some great time, to strengthen their health and to make new friends. Boys and girls will enjoy numerous sporting events, plenty of exciting competitions, games and everything that makes a summer holiday in a recreation camp something unique and long-awaited.

A short moment of waving to their parents – and moving forward, to new adventures! Let’s wish our children good emotions and bright impressions!

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The Children’s Country Institution for Recreation and Leisure "Zarya"is a large-scale social project of the enterprise. Pupils from the cities of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Rubezhnoye and other regional settlements every year have an opportunity to visit a wonderful place located in sanctuary Kremenskyi Forests and to receive their charge of liveliness for the whole year.

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