Production of TNT from simple to complex

More than two months ago, our company was launched a low-tonnage production of TNT. At present in this area "Zarya" has some achievements as well as problems that are being solved as they come, which is typical for a new scheme.

In order to fully reflect the most current issues related to the production of TNT at the moment, we met with the Chief technologist of  RPE Zarya Vyacheslav Donda.

Today, the first issue addressed is a production of the main product - ammonite 6GV, but we are not going to produce only this product. This product is not alone in its slate, and it has the full range of products based on it with variations on the recipe. Many companies that produce similar products with ammonite, have created their own recipes, complemented by individual chemical compounds. Thus, ammonite improved under the specified conditions of use.

We started with the classic recipes, and in scientific and technical center there is a study case of the scientific basis, furthermore explosives were produced when our company was the state enterprise. We know these products, but we had no need to produce them. We were quite happy to produce a primary product, which had a wide range of applications across Ukraine and beyond.

Now times have changed. We see that there is a high demand for products of deeper processing. In some formulations, the content of TNT is less than 20% and also tends to be even lower in about 5%. It means that balance 95% is already other components. Accordingly, thanks to the new formulation instead of one ton of TNT we are able to sell larger volumes of finished product. This is the way to a completely new economic level that will result in improving the welfare of the enterprise. And these tasks are allotted for the producers of TNT.

As for the staff of the new production, 80% of them are the former employees of RSCP Zarya. These people are familiar with all rules and specifics of the industrial explosives production and technology. Given the fact that the elements of the new scheme are largely similar to the large-scale production, the problem of staff training is solved more successful because people do not have to be trained "from scratch."

However, not all employees have passed a multi-year "TNT school." Someone worked for RSCP Zarya only a few months. A particular novelty of the production is still present, equipment and automation components - everything is new. Technological process handling differs from the old scheme. Therefore, training is necessary.

During commissioning of the new production we are working on algorithms for which is set up automatic, because they are different from the primary circuit. There is a training of staff, which worked with TNT. Therefore, we can say that transition of people to a new work place doesn’t go smoothly; in some places it goes difficult. However, all the problems we are trying to solve successfully.


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