Research and production enterprise “Zarya” participated in the regional business exhibition “Vostok-Expo 2017”, held from March 23 to March 24, 2017 in Severodonetsk city. 

RPE “Zarya” Ltd. is one of the largest enterprises of the region and a leading company in the chemical industry of Ukraine. “Vostok-Expo 2017” exhibition is a great opportunity for the plant to show a wide range of consumer goods, apart from the core production.

“The enterprise specializes in production of high-quality goods that are competitive and in high demand both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. Moreover, the enterprise is a real expert manufacturer its field. This year, RPE “Zarya” celebrate its 100 anniversary”,  Aleksey Zugan, the Commercial Director of the Enterprise has emphasized. 

It is worth underlying that over the last year “Zarya” enterprise implemented new research projects and launched several new production sites, providing for new jobs.

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