The children's recreation camp of the research and production enterprise "Zarya" located in the reserved forest of Kreminna town, is undergoing preparations for opening. This year, the health center is going to host more than one thousand children.

"Caring for the health of employees and their families is an integral part of Zarya's social policy. Annually in summer we offer trips to the country health camp for children of our workers. In our health center we created all the conditions required for proper recreation at an affordable price”, –has noted Oleksandr Chernetsov, Director General of the Company.

More than two months are left before the first shift at the children's country health-improving and recreation institution "Zarya”. The material and technical base of the camp is being renewed at the expense of the enterprise’s facilities, the territory is being improved, all the objects are repaired and the roofs of buildings are restored, new furniture is purchased. Also, the road, which leads to the camp, is being repaired.

This season there will be 3 shifts which last 21 days each. This year over one thousand children will be able to visit the camp. Among them there will be children not only of plant employees, but also children of the residents of Luhansk region.

Last year, children's country health-improving and recreation institution "Zarya” successfully passed the certification and received the first category. In addition, in February 2017, according to the results of the contest-competition that was held by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the children's camp "Zarya" was recognized as the best in the category "Country health improvement and recreation institution".

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