The issue of improving the territory of the city of Rubizhne, creating healthy, favorable living conditions for the urban population is an annual priority for RPE "Zarya".

In April, the employees of the enterprise started active cleaning and preparations for the opening of the park of the Yuzhnyi microdistrict, which became a favorite vacation spot for residents and visitors of the city. By the First of May, it is planned to open fairground attraction, which, due to the financing of RPE “Zarya”, will be free for all young visitors. The fountain, the best in the city, located in the park was prepared for the opening. In addition, this year in the recreation area table tennis equipment and four new bike machines will be installed. The equipment of a volleyball court, reconstruction of a dance zone with modernization of the stage is also planned.

Also the employees of "Zarya" perform work on cleaning and improvement of the microdistrict. At the expense of the enterprise’s funds, lawns are put in order, garbage and dry foliage are cleaned, and whitewashing of trees and curbs is made. Clipping and cutting of bushes on the roadside, rejuvenation of trees are carried out.

Another gift for the citizens will be the recreation area, which is undergoing improvement by the enterprise on the bank of the city lake. Currently this area is being cleaned by "Zarya" employees. 

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