On May 9, a festive concert dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory took place in the park of Yuzhnyi microdistrict of the city  of Rubezhnoye. Annually this holiday is held with the support of the Scientific and Production Enterprise "Zarya".

All the residents and guests of the city were congratulated on the holiday by the leaders of the city authorities, the SPE "Zarya", the United Trade Union Organization of  the  Rubezhnoye  chemical plants.

The technical director Viacheslav Donda opened the festive concert with the welcome speech:  "Over the years, the grandeur of your Great Deed does not fade.  We bow down before you, our dear veterans!  You   experienced this heavy, terrible war, defended this land and then rebuilt our plant, expanded its capacities.  Today we, the new generation, continue your endeavours."

Specially for this date the SPE "Zarya" organized a concert dedicated to the Victory Day in the park of  Yuzhnyi microdistrict.

 The youngest children were also paid attention to. A thematic pavement drawing competition titled "Ukraine in Peace" was organized. At the end of the competition all the participants received sweet prizes from the organizers of the event.

"There are such holidays in our life that should be never forgotten, they will be always remembered and celebrated honourably.  On behalf of our veterans I would like to express deep gratitude to the organizers of this magnificent and heartfelt holiday. We are grateful to our "Zarya" for its attention and care," - Vladimir Mitriakhin, a veteran of the enterprise, summed up.  

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