RPE "ZARYA" is a modern competitive enterprise that intelligently uses its internal resources. The enterprise has developed a clear mechanism for collecting and evaluating the innovative proposals of the employees aimed at optimizing technological processes, improving product quality and saving money by reducing energy consumption.

"Today innovation is an important and continuous tool in achieving the strategic goals of our enterprise, – Alexander Chernetsov, Director General has indicated.  – Thanks the competition, new opportunities can be used by the  employees to assert themselves, to make their own non-standard decisions and ideas in the most important areas of enterprise’s development. First and foremost, this is an opportunity to reconsider the existing approaches to production and to make the necessary changes in the traditional approaches, with the aim to increase the labor productivity. "

One of the important efficient proposals, which the enterprise has already begun to implement, was the idea of ​​neutralizing acidic industrial effluents. The author of the project is the head of the boiler section of the heat-power plant Sergey Semenov.

His project will significantly reduce the costs of sewage neutralizing by reducing the consumption of potable water for industrial needs. 

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