On June 16, a festive opening of a recreation zone took place on the shore of the Lake Pesochnoie in the city of Rubezhnoie. All works on recreation development were carried out at the expenses of the funds of the Research and Production Enterprise "Zarya" Ltd. and the Charity Fund "Kryshtaleve dzherelo".

"Our company takes care about the workers, their families  and residents of the microdistrict, so that they can feel comfortable and proud of their city and the enterprise. We hope that the new, well equipped beach will become their favorite resting place," said Alexandr Chernetsov, head of the Research and  Production Enterprise “Zarya” Ltd. He also emphasized that the company plans to continue   implementation of similar projects.

This year RPE "Zarya" Ltd. celebrates its 100th anniversary and beautification of the city beach is a gift to the residents of the city and the region under the framework of the celebration of its anniversary

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