The Laboratory for Production Control (Environmental Protection and Control) of the RPE"ZARYA" performs analytical control of water and air quality and issues official conclusions based on the analyses results. The laboratory is equipped with certified modern machinery, and it has a certificate giving the right to conduct measurements according to the declared field of certification.

The quality of the instruments, the staff experience and the availability of a methodological base make this laboratory truly unique not only in the region, but also in Ukraine.

The measurements carried out by the laboratory in the field of ecological guidance are divided into two groups: water and gas analyses. The water laboratory is involved in the control of drinking water, industrial water, underground and surface water, and soil analysis. The gas laboratory conducts air analysis of the working area, industrial emissions and atmospheric air.

Moreover, the laboratory conducts bacteriological analysis of sewage and surface waters. There is a permit to work with microorganisms of the IIIrd and IVth pathogenicity groups.

At the moment, the services of the laboratory are actively used by a number of commercial and municipal enterprises in the region. The production enterprises and organizations can order a full range of measurements that are necessary to perform the appraisal of workplaces.

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