RPE «Zarya» is carrying out a procedure of certification of integrated system of management

RPE «Zarya» has started realization of the project of certification of integrated system of management (ISM) in accordance with standards ISО 9001, ISО14001, OHSAS 18001.

Within the limits of this project, «Arrangements of creation and introduction of ISM» were developped, two stages of pre-certification audit and education of internal auditors by the specialists of certifying organization were carried out. Our enterprise is planning to receive a Certificate of Conformance to the ISM requirements of international standards ISО 9001, ISО14001, OHSAS 18001 by June of this year.

Constant improvement of products quality and satisfaction of specified and expected needs of customers, improvement of the acting system of management of enterprise in accordance with universally recognized norms and standards are the main strategic approaches of RPE «Zarya».


ISM is a part of system of general management of enterprise complying the requirements of three and more international standards and operating integrally. ISM is based on systems of quality management, systems of ecological management, systems of management of labour safety and health care. The mentioned systems are created, accordingly, on the base of series of international standards ISО 9000,  ISО14000, OHSAS 18001. Introduction and certification of the integrated system of management is an indicator of high degree of responsibility and reliability of enterprise with customers and investors which gives significant competitive advantages.

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