Let me sincerely greet you on Victory Day!

This holiday takes a special place among other festive dates. We express our imperishable memory to all those who fell on the battlefields, defending the peaceful future of the country. We bow down before everyone who returned from the front, participating in rebuilding of the destroyed economy, who proved by their whole life how to love the motherland and how to fight for its freedom. It's a memory of a terrible lesson in history that should never happen again. The Great Patriotic War is the greatest tragedy of the century, and the Great Victory is the triumph of peace, the triumph of life over death, which has no equal in the history of mankind.

Time carries away the years of terrible war, but the heroic deed of the people who have risen to defend the Motherland is eternal! Unfortunately, time does not spare even the heroes. Today, 25 participants of military operations in the Great Patriotic War live in Rubezhnoie. Every year their number is reducing, and the more valuable is the time spent next to them.

Dear veterans! Dear front-line soldiers and workers of the rear, children of war! With your love of life and optimism, you are proving once again today that there are no insurmountable heights in life! Accept our sincere greetings and gratitude. Let relatives and friends bring you joy with their successes, always support and surround you with care, love and respect! And let us celebrate together the Great Victory day for many years! Let us commemorate our victory!


Alexandr Chernetsov,

General Director of the RPE "Zarya”..

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