Chemical Plant ZARYA joined the Federation of European Explosives Manufacturers (FEEM)

On May 24th, within the framework of the annual meeting of members of the association in Dresden (Germany), ZARYA was presented to the European business community. During the presentation to FEEM members, joint projects were discussed, the implementation of which will begin starting from 2019.

"FEEM consists of the European industry leaders and the largest manufacturers of explosives for civil use. ZARYA as a participant of the Federation gets new opportunities for partnership and business with leading European companies.  ‘It is an indicator of our reliability, openness and stability of business ", - said the general director of ZARYA - Mr. Alexander Chernetsov.

ZARYA is a modern privately owned enterprise; over 70% of its products are exported worldwide. The European Union has traditionally been one of the main sales market for the chemical plant. The products of ZARYA are well known to international market owing to their high quality, unique technologies, reliability.

Within FEEM ZARYA intends to deal with the issues of efficiency and safety, expanding the sales market and maintaining high quality standards. The delegates of the Plant now have the opportunity to participate in the meetings of the special committees with representatives of the authorities and business of the European Union, as well as lobby the interests of the Ukrainian producer on the international and domestic markets.

Reference: ZARYA is the leading enterprise of the chemical industry in Ukraine that has a 100-years’ history. Currently, the plant's products are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, metallurgical and agrochemical industries. In Ukraine, It is the only enterprise capable to offer such a range of products. About 1500 people are employed at ZARYA. The plant is located in the town of Rubezhnoye, Lugansk region.

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