Analytical water and air quality control and issuance of official conclusions based on the results of the analyses – the laboratory for production control (environmental protection and control) of RPE “Zarya” performs these major and important functions. The laboratory was accredited and has a certificate for the right to conduct measurements according to the declared research field.

Today we might state that the laboratory of RPE “Zarya” is an analytical centre with modern equipment. The quality of the instruments, the experience of the staff and the availability of the methodological base make the laboratory unique not only in the region, but also in Ukraine.

The measurements that are carried out here in the ecological field are divided into two groups: water and gas analyses. The water laboratory controls drinking, technical, underground and surface waters, and also performs soil analysis.

The high quality of the work is confirmed by positive feedback from the customers.

“We take part in the annual interregional contest, which is held by Sloviansk Directorate of the Water Resources Basin,” Liudmyla Fisun, Acting Head of Laboratory said. “And we always demonstrate high, confident indicators, as evidenced by the final protocols. In addition, we have a work permit to determine the microorganisms of the III-IV pathogenicity groups. This gives us the official right to carry out bacteriological analyses of sewage and surface waters.”

Here, potable and technical water as well as soil are analysed. Conducted researches help to define clearly, whether water from this or that source is suitable for consumption. This is also very important because today drilling wells are widely used. The laboratory of the enterprise also determines whether the water produced there has the right to be called the drinking water. It gives unequivocal and qualified answer on this and many other related questions within the limits of its competence.

The gas laboratory conducts air analysis of the working area, industrial emissions and atmospheric air. It is also equipped with new instruments reflecting the world’s advanced technologies and at the same time being safe to use.

There is also a glass blowing workshop in the laboratory. This enables producing the necessary inventory for work. Master quickly and confidently works with molten mass – and few minutes after a new flask, shaker and other laboratory utensils appear. Along with the use of modern analytical equipment, this saves time and material resources.

Today, a number of commercial and municipal enterprises in the region are actively use the services of the laboratory. Any resident of Ukraine who wants to get a qualitative analysis of environmental objects indicators can become its full-fledged client. In addition, any production enterprises and organizations can order a full range of measurements required for attestation of job places.

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