Polyethylene conducting tubes “Antistat”


TNVED: 3917211000

Specification: ТУ У 6-00209651.178-2000


The pipe is intended for air delivery of granulated loose explosices in underground mining workings. If necessary, the pipe may be produced of different rigidity either with or without a border.


The pipe produced by scientific and industrial enterprise RPE "Zarya" is a complete analogue to the pipe of p2es mark (hoist for delivery of granulated explosives) of the russian production and precedes it in several parameters.

The products possesses certain properties in specific electrical resistance that allows to prevent occurrence of static electricity as well as physicomechanical parameters providing rigidity necessary for loading.

High production quality and good operation properties of pipes were proved during their use in the mining facilities of ukraine, rissia and cis that we have been cooperating with over 10 years.

The pipe successfully passed flexion and impact tests after having been hold at temperature of -320°c (technical limit of available cooling unit) for 12 hours.

The pipes are licensed by the administration of supervision in metal mining industry of the russian state technical inspection to be used for air delivery of granulated explosives in undergroung mining workings.

Technical specifications:

Outer diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm
Nominal Limit
Nominal Limit
25 ±0,7 2,5 ±0,5
32 ±0,8 3,5 ±0,6
40 ±0,9 3,5 ±0,7
50 ±1,1 5,4 ±1,0

Physicomechanical parameters:

1. Rupture resistance, mpa (kgf/cm2), min: 8.82(90)
2. Ultimate elongation, %, min: 80.0
3. Volume resistivity at 20°c, ohm cm, max: 2.5×105
4. Resistance at inflation pressure of 0.882 mpa (9 kgf/cm2) at 20°c, min: 10.0

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