Grammonite 79/21


TNVED: 3602000000

GOST: 21988-76


Grammonite 79/21 - is a mixture of granules of ammonium nitrate with trinitrotoluene flakes with no component splitting and visible mechanical impurities or component lumps over 5 mm in size.

Explosive characteristics:

Detonation velocity, km/s 3,2-3,6
Explosion heat, kJ/kg 4291
Volume of gaseous explosion products, l/kg 895
Critical diameter, mm 50-70
Bulk density, g/cm3: 0,85-0,90
Oxygen balance, % +0,02
Brisance, mm 20-25
Explosion temperature, °C 2960
Trinitrotoluene equivalent 1,02



Effectiveness of use of grammonite is almost similar to that of granulotole and is even higher by 10-15% in water cut conditions due to dissolution of ammonium nitrate and increase of charge density. Content of ammonium nitrate reduces the formation of carbon monoxide and toxicity of explosion products.

Technical specifications:

Mass fraction ammonium nitrate, % 79±1,5
Mass fraction of trinitrotoluene, % 21±1,5


Packaging / Transportation:

Packaging and labelling – polypropylene bags with polyethylene inserts or paper bags with polyethylene inserts of no more that 40 kg.
Transportation with any means of transport is allowed except for civil aviation transport in accordance with dangerous goods regulations in force.
According to the hazard level at storage and transportation trinitrotoluene shall fall into Class 1, Subclass 1.1, Group D. UNO serial number 0082.
Number of emergency card stating the safety measures in emergency cases in railway transport – 114, in road transport – 1. Code of emergency measures applied to transportation of trinitrotoluene with road transport – 2E.


Used for explosive works in open-cut mines and mines that are not dangerous in terms of gases or dust with manual and mechanical loading of dry and wet (dewatered) holes, bore holes and sockets. It is recommended to use grammonite in mining and explosive works in medium and hard rocks when extracting the natural resources as well as for other purposes.
Gaseous explosion products contain less toxic components. It is widely used at quarries, including the conditions of major blasts. Grammonite 79/21 differs from powder explosives due to susceptibility to mechanical effect, absence of dusting, convent use and safe operation.

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