Urea-formaldehyde resin CF-MTS-15


TNVED: 3909100000

Specification: ТУ У 3.50 14308351-055-95

Physicochemical parameters:

Homogeneous white to light yellowish suspension with no foreign inclusions
Mass fraction of dry particles at 100°C, %, min 66±2
Funnel viscosity at (20,0±0,5) °C by viscometer V3-246 with nozzle of 4 mm, stokes 45-80
Mass fraction of unbound formaldehyde, % max 0,15
Gelation time at 100°C 50-70
pН-value 7,5-8,5


Packaging / Transportation:

Railway tanks, road tanks, barrels.


Used as basis of bonding agent in production of chipboards and fiberboards intended for production of furniture and other purposes.

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