Contact sulfuric acid (grade 2)


TNVED: 2807001000

CAS: 7664-93-9

GOST: 2184-77

Molecular formula: Н2SO4


Vitriol oil, Acide sulfurique; Acido solforico; Acido sulfurico; Aceite de vitriolo; Battery acid; BOV; Caswell No 815; Dihydrogen sulfate; Dipping acid; Electrolyte acid; EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 078001; Hydrogen sulfate; Mattling acid; Oil of vitriol; Schwefelsaeureloesungen; Spirit of sulfur; Strong inorganic acid mists containing acid; Sulfuric acid, aerosol; Sulphuric acid; Sulfate d, hydrogene; Vitriol brown oil; Zwavelzuuroplossingen; Schwefelsaure.


oleaginous fluid tinged with yellow, odorless. Mixes with water in all proportions, the reaction is accompanied by evolution of large amount of heat.

Physicochemical parameters:

Sulfuric acid – oily liquid of yellowish color. No odor, almost twice as heavy as water. Mixed with water in any ratio, reaction is accompanied with heat release.

Physical properties of sulfuric acid depend upon mass fraction of basic substance.

Density and boiling temperature of aqueous solutions increase as the mass fraction of sulfuric acid increases and reach maximum value at mass fraction of sulfuric acid of 98.3%, decreasing thereafter.

Mass fraction of monohydrate (Н2S04), %, min    92.5
Mass fraction of ferrum (Fe), %, max  0,1


Rail tank cars or tank container.


Production of mineral fertilizers of aniline dyes, metallurgical production.

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