TNVED: 2904200000

CAS: 98-95-3

Specification: 6-36-0204208-107

Molecular formula:                                       С6Н52

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Mirbane oil; Benzene, nitro-; mononitrobenzene, Benzene, nitro-; Essence of myrbane; Mirbanoil; NB; NCI-C60082; Nitrobenzeеn; Nitrobenzen; Nitrobenzol; Oil of mirbane; Nitrobenceno; Nitrobenzene.

Basic parameters

Appearance: clear liquid of light yellow to yellow color with no impurities.


- at 15 ºС –1,208 g/сm3

- at 18 ºС –1,205 g/сm3

Physicochemical parameters:

Indicator name Норма
Basic substance’s content after drying, %, min 99,7
Crystallization temperature of dried product, °C, min  5,3
Mass fraction of non-nitrated hydrocarbons (benzene), %, max  0,2
Mass fraction of 1,3-dinitrobenzene, %, max  0,1
Mass fraction of nitrophenols, %, max  0,01
Mass fraction of water, %, max  0,3
рН-value of aqueous extract 6,5 – 8,0


Packaging / Transportation:

Nitrobenzene is transported in railway tanks.

Application areas:

Nitrobenzene in chemical industry is used as intermediate product in aniline industry, pharmaceutical industry, perfume industry, for aniline production which is used in production of polyisocyanates, vulcanization accelerators, polyurethanes, intermediates and dyes, artificial fibers, explosives, antioxidants, photographic materials, aniline-formaldehyde resins, drugs, anti-knock additives to gasolines (monomethylaniline – MMA).

Benzidine, m-nitroaniline, m-phenylene-diamine, p-aminosalicylic acid (PASA) are also obtained from nitrobenzene.

Nitrobenzene is used in many industries as solvent.

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